Our clients often invite us to bring a highlight into their conference day with one of our talks. Our keynote speakers, experts and performers bring to life your topic, act as an added impulse to get your point across and infuse a potentially dry subject with wit, energy and fresh perspective.


IAK approach & methods

Our IAK event specialists help you develop content that is as compelling as it is relevant. We provide a full support team to coach, train, speak and develop content, strategy and performance impact.

We combine state-of-the-art meeting and event organization with brand marketing. Our IAK event shop is at your full disposal to manage your next meeting or event.

We have access to all proven methods for large group events such as Open Space, Future Conference, Appreciative Inquiry (AI), World Café, and others.

Our lectures have been an integral part of congresses, leadership meetings, sales meetings, promotional events and many other occasions. We can tailor them to address your own topic and customize them to your special event and goal.


Formats and applications

. Leadership conferences
. Large meetings / departmental meetings
. Team events
. Retreat events
. Customer events
. Innovation conferences


Lectures on Leadership

. Commitment and composure – Work is more than just a job
. How to create your own success story
. How to recognize a winner from the start?


Lectures on cooperation & change management

. Everything you need to know about the new generation high performance teams
. The seven strategies for change management


Lectures on innovation & creativity

. Creativity – how to break through mental blocks
. Master new challenges
. A Passion for innovation – competitive advantage through innovation

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The IAK has been a significant driver for leadership advancement and corporate development since 1970. We believe that sustainable positive change can only be achieved by strengthening individual engagement, mindset and know-how. The services and competencies that we have developed over the decades are founded on the pragmatic integration of strategy, structure, synergy and culture within the organization.