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    Anahita’s coaching and leadership development style aims to disrupt habitual patterns of behavior by challenging perception and self-reinforcing systems of belief that lock us into cycles of stress and dissatisfaction.

    Working closely with clients, Anahita makes it easy to dismantle obstacles by applying critical inquiry to foster bottom-up transformation.

    Anahita was born in Tehran, raised in Hamburg and attended university in London. She has worked in media and journalism for European news agencies, and produced macro-economic country reports for Forbes, the Washington Post and The Times.

    She has lived in Croatia, Botswana, Indonesia and the Arab Emirates and worked with senior political and business leaders. She has facilitated workshops on the Neuroscience of Mindfulness at the 2014 Feast Conference for Social Good, been featured on Entrepreneur.com, and led a Masterclass at the 2015 Social Media Week NY, featured on HuffPost Live. Anahita has led presentations and workshops at The Harvard Business School Club NY, Soho House NY, The 88, The Lowell Hotel, Civic Hall and more.

    Anahita holds a BA in Marketing and Advertising, from the London College of Communication and an MA in Social Anthropology, from the School of Oriental and African Studies London. She has received further training in Contemplative Psychotherapy at the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science in New York.

    Anahita has been a student of meditation, yoga, philosophy and epistemology within the Indo-Tibetan tradition for over a decade. She is also a modern Persian and Sufi dancer, and a Muay Thai practitioner.

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