Executive and Performance Coach.

    Theater production projects for experiential Leadership & Team Training
    Public Speaking & Performance Training


    Cheryl has been working with public speakers and performing artists for 37 years, in the US, Europe and Japan. Her vast experience in training, coaching and show business includes performing as a standup comedian, actor, director and producer, with multiple Drama Desk nominations. She is the founder of Stage Left Studio in NYC in 2005, and has earned a reputation for creating onstage and film productions as a learning tool for corporations. The New York Times called her “the matriarch of solo shows in NYC.”

    Cheryl specializes in helping her clients achieve a sparkling stage presence, through the use of acting technique, self-awareness and improvisation. Since 1999, her work with corporate clients has yielded improved communication and renewed motivation. As a body language expert, she is ideally suited to diagnose and solve performance and communication problems, both on and off stage.

    Author of Writing Your Heart Out, a playwriting book and numerous plays, Cheryl has directed over forty productions all over the US.

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