Trainer, Coach, Keynote-Speaker

Professional experience
– Freelance consultant and trainer since 1993
– Trainer consultant and Managing Director of Institute for Applied Creativity
– Marketing Manager with Reemtsma
– Senior Product Manager with Colgate/Palmolive

Education, personality and success
Dieter Lange is a graduate of business administration and psychology (University of Hamburg, Germany). For many years he studied ethnic peculiarities of various cultures. He has a versatile experience in industry as a product and marketing manager and enhances Western knowledge with Asian wisdom.
He is one of those rare capacities to instruct top executives who can give a decisive impulse in changing the enterprising structure of a company. However, in his particularly positive and optimistic attitude Dieter Lange is also good at talking critical problems in the process of change. His brilliant rhetoric, depictive linguistic expressions and metaphors make it a joy to listen to him in free speech. At conventions he is the “highlight”. Dieter Lange’s lecturing assignments include St. Gallen University, Harvard Business School, WHU –Vallendar, ZFU Zurich.

Press comments
– I don’t remember witnessing such a level of interest and attention from HBS students (Harvard Business School)
– What an incredible mark you have left! (Financial Times)
– One of the 10 most successful persons in his field in Germany (Focus)
– Provocative and fascinating: lecturer Dieter Lange catches the right spirit of time (Sales Professional)
– Dieter Lange’s education is excellent, at the top of time (Trend)

For twenty years Dieter Lange has been a much sought after lecturer, instructor and coach for executive and sales workshops including famous leading companies such as Bayer, Bertelsmann, Gruner & Jahr, IWC, Lindt & Sprüngli, Novartis, Siemens, Unilever, and many other organizations in Europe, Asia and the U.S.A.

Subjects of presentations and workshops

Excellence in leadership, communication, creativity, motivation, personality – transformation, passion for selling

“You can see the winner right from the start … and the loser too!”

– There are seven practical rules to become an excellent leader
– Effective leadership reflects your image. How you lead is who you are!
– It is not what you have, you do, or know, but your image that makes the difference
– To produce charisma in the personality and self-esteem
– Satiated lions do not prey
– Right on the top – and now what?
– Recreation and significance – both are urgently needed
– Who always follows the footsteps of others should not be surprised not to leave marks of his own
– The mark of leadership in the future – ability to implement change
– Markets are changing! – Enterprises are changing! – Are people ready for change?

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