TETA I Seminar English – Jürgen Lohr

Offenes Seminar: TETA I English – Jürgen Lohr

Kompetenz: Leadership and Culture
Weitere Infos: TETA I

TETA I – Passion and Motivation for Leadership

Heightened awareness and an empowered mindset are crucial to an individual’s success and to the success of his or her organization.

The modern leader is confronted with a host of complex challenges on the job. Commitment issues, unrealistic expectations, lack of real initiative or performance-fatigue in employees may all be symptoms of a company in need of change. Stimulating such change is a challenge many leaders face today.

A leader must first be able to lead him/herself before being able to lead others.

Reignite your passion for leadership.

The TETA seminar raises awareness of personal attitudes and behavioral practices to the next level. In TETA, advanced exercises, activities and experiments recalibrate thought & emotional processing and inspire discovery & innovative thought. By working with hands-on principles of cause and effect, new and empowering leadership behavior is explored and adopted. Employee motivation, accountability, effective communication tools and tools to lead through conflict or adversity are all addressed. Fresh perspectives emerge and a new sense of self- and fellow empowerment is achieved.


  • Experience more empowered self-management
  • Become acutely aware of your thinking process and behavioral patterns
  • Elaborate on the 7 principles of action
  • Learn ways to achieving self-initiative, auto-responsibility and risk-readiness

What is your advantage?

  • The seminar helps you find answers to questions such as:
  • Where do these problems come from? Why do my solutions not work?
  • Why do I have a tendency to procrastinate?
  • How do I get past these blocks and dissolve resistance in myself and others?
  • How do I access and develop my full potential and that of others?
  • How do I lead the so-called average employee to performance excellence?


  • Revives your passion for your profession and increases performance and quality of life
  • Eliminates excuses for problems and conflicts, saving time and raising efficiency
  • Promotes creative problem-solving and triggers innovation-readiness
  • Empowers your drive to self-motivation, self-organization and self-control
  • Aligns personal needs and values with corporate goals

… as a result, employees balance their professional and private values and goals

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Investment: € 1.800,00

(plus. VAT and hotel costs )

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