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Since the launch of the IAK...

…in 1970, innovation and creative exploration are our driving force and the core of our competence.

Today, more than four decades later, our ability to disrupt and shake-up habits and established thought patterns, is essential to thrive in our rapidly changing world.

Our competencies are focused on:

  • Transparency and curiosity
  • Creativity and the passion for innovation
  • Courage and the excitement to discover
  • Out-of-the-box-thinking and agility
  • Vision und staying power

These qualities are an integral part of our seminars, idea-groups, creativity workshops, learning processes and motivational talks. We accompany organizations in their effort to develop a culture of innovation consciousness, support actual innovation projects and design large-scale company events and conventions that discuss the subject of innovation and creativity.

Typical Questions ...

Competency: creativity and innovation

How can we generate original ideas that will give our organization/our area of operation a competitive edge?”
“How do we find an innovative concept for our product, product name or marketing campaign?”
“How can we best use our clients’ creative potential for our organization?”
“How can we disrupt the established status quo of our market to open up new frontiers?”
“How can we nurture our employees’ potential of creativity and innovation?”
“How can we drive our organization culture where innovation is a vital part of the way we think?”

The development of our own innovative techniques and systems such as „Brainstomp©“ and the „Salon d’Innovation“, go hand-in-hand with the teaching assignments we have delivered in universities and technical colleges to further scientific advancement.

Open/Inhouse Innovation/Change Trainings

Key-Notes/ Events

Digital Transformation

Design Thinking/ Ideation Workshops

Process Design

Digital Analysis Tools- Pulse Check, CreaTic

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The IAK has been a significant driver for leadership advancement and corporate development since 1970. We believe that sustainable positive change can only be achieved by strengthening individual engagement, mindset and know-how. The services and competencies that we have developed over the decades are founded on the pragmatic integration of strategy, structure, synergy and culture within the organization.