IAK Prozessbegleitung

Join us

Join our team?

Are you an experienced trainer, coach, consultant, strategic thinker or entrepreneur?

You want to develop further?
Are you thinking about a career alternative?
Do you want to do something meaningful?
You can well imagine that you are capable of encouraging and inspiring people and organizations.
You want move people, develop change and realize opportunities?
…and earn good money from doing it?

In order to strengthen our team we welcome any (co-)entrepreneur with an interesting background who will put our training- and counselling methods excellently into practice and will help us to develop them further on the basis of the IAK-approach. This is not about „a job“, but training, coaching, organizational development as a vocation. As an IAK partner you will have an self-employed status and you will generally work with the brand IAK in full-time. “Your” IAK.

The best of both worlds

Our structure offers the best of both worlds – “free network” and „permanent bond“. On the one hand you will profit from the freedom and self-responsibility of an independent entrepreneur, whilst having access to the know-how, experience and capabilities of internationally operating training-enterprise.

The accounting for all IAK-services is done via a basic fee and a simple licensing model. Otherwise, there is no entrance fee, start-up investment or educational cost.

To discover the experience- and attitude-oriented IAK-approach we highly recommend our open  TETA – the innovative leader personality.

If this appeals to you and you can identify with the IAK-approach, please contact us directly or we will see you at one of our TETA-seminars.

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The IAK has been a significant driver for leadership advancement and corporate development since 1970. We believe that sustainable positive change can only be achieved by strengthening individual engagement, mindset and know-how. The services and competencies that we have developed over the decades are founded on the pragmatic integration of strategy, structure, synergy and culture within the organization.