The Power to Speak at Your Peak.

Today’s competitive business environment requires exquisite speaking skills. No matter if you address a large audience, lead a sales meeting or need to mobilize your team, you want to bring your message across with dimension, invention, emotional depth and mindful ease.

STAND & DELIVER develops speaker’s competence through vivid language, vocal variety and clarity of expression and thought.
 It broadens behavioral performance awareness and delivers practical tools & techniques to organize facts and ideas into compelling narrative.

The training focuses on what speaker’s excellence is all about: YOU. Your attitude and your ability to engage, inspire and motivate your audience with ease and confidence.

The workshop activates new, and elevates existing skills such as rhetorical style, vocal power, authenticity and persuasive clarity. It gives deep insight into “stress triggers” that hold us back from moving forward, and presents a clear methodology for helping to overcome them at critical moments.



Introduction and warm up
Discover the true colors of your presenter’s persona
Use voice, articulation and body to build natural confidence and stage presence
Breath and space awareness. The impact of non-verbal communication

Structure it: icebreaker, anchor, transition, arch and pay-off
Simplify it: connect, inform, educate, inspire
Eliminate habitual patterns (mannerisms, filler words, emotional fear triggers)
Develop improvisation-readiness, ease and self control



No more stage fright – overcoming anxiety and blank spots
Heart opener: the conversation with your audience. Win their trust and attention
Address your audience – not your agenda

The art of (and reason for) packaging your facts in story form
The 6 steps of story telling
Call for action: Ask the right questions, hear and respond to the real answers

The 2-day program allows in-depth, comprehensive immersion and practice.
We use cameras for follow-up feedback.

1-Day workshops are also available for smaller groups or in one-on-one trainings.

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The IAK has been a significant driver for leadership advancement and corporate development since 1970. We believe that sustainable positive change can only be achieved by strengthening individual engagement, mindset and know-how. The services and competencies that we have developed over the decades are founded on the pragmatic integration of strategy, structure, synergy and culture within the organization.