The skill of co-coaching is one of the most powerful and holistic forms of leading and advancing individual and team performance and wellbeing.

Team leaders who master coaching skills and encourage co-coaching in their teams, are more successful in motivating immediate and sustainable change in behavior, skill and collaboration practices.

Team Co-Coaching is a customized program that addresses the specific circumstances and goals of your team.


Consider the Power of Co-Coaching when…

· team or individual team members experience performance pressure

· implementing change and introducing new procedures or practices

· challenging goals must to be achieved

· increasing performance and effectiveness in the team

· wanting to increase communication and collaboration practices

· considering upgrading team culture, values and relationships between team members

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The IAK has been a significant driver for leadership advancement and corporate development since 1970. We believe that sustainable positive change can only be achieved by strengthening individual engagement, mindset and know-how. The services and competencies that we have developed over the decades are founded on the pragmatic integration of strategy, structure, synergy and culture within the organization.